Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pictures from Hollywood movies, TV shows, TV commercials, & specials that I worked on 1987-1992

Assistant Animation.  "The Chipmunk Adventure" feature film:. Bagdasarian Productions, Studio City, California
Assistant Animation.  "Rockin' Through The Decades; Alvin with Michael Jackson"  TV special: Bagdasarian Productions, Studio City, California
Layout for Animation.   "Chip 'N' Dale Rescue Rangers"-"The Disney Afternoon" TV series:
Walt Disney Television, Woodland Hills, California
Animation & Assistant Animation.  "Cool World" feature film: Director: Ralph Bakshi.
Paramount Pictures, Burbank, California
Assistant Animation.   "FernGully-The Last Rainforest" feature film:  Kroyer Films, Burbank.
Storyboards.   "Goof Troop"-"The Disney Afternoon" TV series.  Walt Disney Television,
North Hollywood, California.
Animation.   "Kurtz and Friends" TV commercials. Kurtz and Friends, Burbank,

                   Animation. "Slimer: The Real Ghostbusters" cartoon show, produced at D.I.C., Burbank. 


 Assistant Lay Out.  D.I.C., Burbank.    
Tony animating on Gumby, Sausalito.